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Based in New York and Japan, Ayaka is a singer-songwriter seeking to bridge the people of the world with her music.

In her childhood she sang classical music and in musicals, but it was after
winning a nationwide choral competition in Japan that she opened her eyes to pop music. She has worked all over the world including Japan, New York, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, China, and India. While in New York, she studied singing under June Townes, a backup vocalist for Aretha Franklin.

All her music is based on the universal understanding that we all need someone. Straight from her heart, she delivers music that connects the hearts of her listeners.

She made her debut from SOULRECORDS in 2015 with "Until we meet again." It is her first original song with English lyrics.


幼い頃からクラシック音楽、ミュージカルを歌い始め、合唱コンクール全国大会優勝などを経た後、ポップス、R&Bにも目覚める。ニューヨークではアレサ・フランクリンのバックコーラスもつとめる June Townes にボーカルを師事。世界の架け橋を目指して、これまでに日本、ニューヨーク、カナダ、シンガポール、タイ、中国、インドなど音楽活動を行う。

すべての楽曲に We all need someone という独自の世界観を込め、

2015年ニューヨークの SOULRECORDS レーベルより、彼女の1st英詞オリジナル曲 "Until we meet again" でデビュー。

We All Need Someone


"My dream is to become the bridge across nations and reach out to the people of different race, culture, ethnicity and history with my music. From my soul to your soul, I want to be connected, so we can create the common ground and make this world a peaceful place."  -Ayaka Smile





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